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Creating the Model Role, with Keithen Hergott of August Ace

Keithen Hergott sometimes uses his looks to get what he wants. In fact, he was able to start his own production company,  August Ace, with money he earned as a male fit model for brands like UNTUCKit, Olympus, and Enzo. Hergott - who grew up in Nebraska but has an accent that sounds Irish - tells Briana and Josh that he launched August Ace to create acting roles that he dreams of playing. Presently, his NYC production company is shopping a web series about a superhero in therapy while in the past Hergott is still starring in, “that time he hit on Briana at a wedding.” Check out this episode to learn more about his body… of work.



Natural Beauty, with Negin Niknejad of JustBe Skinline

Once a source of positive energy to help Briana through some negative workplace behavior, Negin brings that same uplifting spirit to the Jobs Blow Podcast. The creator of the handcrafted, all-natural JustBe Skinline, Negin shares her journey from pursuing a career as a tax attorney to making the switch to beauty maven. However, her story really began when her family escaped Iran in the early 80s.  Nourish your mind and soul with the latest episode and get to know a self-proclaimed Skin Chef.



Jobs That Blow, With Briana and Josh

In this DO NOT MISS exclusive episode, Briana and Josh share some of their own "born out of frustration" stories from jobs past. Find out what they've overcome and how it's impacted their attitudes toward
working and moving forward. Share in the frustrations but also the laughs, as they recount some of the crazy things that have happened to them in the workplace.

#15 (parts 1-2)


Full Circle, with Actor Malik Yoba

Full disclosure: this episode goes off the rails – but in the best way! In fact, we had so much fun with Malik that we had to cut it into two parts. The accomplished actor, who met Josh at the IFNY Monologue Slam, joins the Jobs Blow Podcast to discuss his dream career and his lifelong dedication to leaving places in better shape than he found them. He also talks about a career that has come full circle, as he awaits word on the fate of a reboot of “NY Undercover.” Tune in to get to know the multi-talented philanthropist and listen as Malik takes the interview to places the show has never been before 



Making HIstory His Reality, with Max Frost of "Today in American History" on Instagram

 At 25, Max is writing his own history by highlighting important moments in American history every day on Instagram. With over 225K followers, he recently left his gig in accounting to devote his full attention to his very popular “Today in American History” account. Max shares his social media learnings with Humor Resource Professionals Briana and Josh, and recalls the moment he realized he was onto something – when The Rock started following him. Become part of the Jobs Blow history and don’t miss this episode!



Flip The Script, with Writer Patty Carey

Patty is a master at scouting dream locations for films like The Greatest Showman and Doctor Strange, but says she was so busy searching for others that she forgot where she was headed. In her conversation with Briana and Josh, she explains that her awakening came with six simple words from a director who asked, “When did you just give up?” That moment put Patty on a path that would eventually lead to crafting her own stories, winning a script-writing contest that allowed her to bring her story to life, and finally a premiere of that project ("Half Life") at the Tribeca Film Festival! Sounds like a happy ending, right? Not for Patty, who says she’s just getting started, but now knows where she is going. 



From Peanut Butter to Politics, with Marisa Kabas

Marisa views her dream job as a moving target, which is how she explains going from pitching the creamy goodness of natural peanut butter to writing her first article for the Washington Post. Of course, the journey hasn’t been as simple as that, and there was even a layoff that she now credits for moving her closer to the bullseye. Marisa also has a lot to say about the influence of Fifty Shades of Grey on her career, as well as the amazing boss who pushed her to read such a literary classic. Curious? Wait till you hear what she can do with 140 characters.



A Driver to a Career Change, with Al Raddock of Greentop Farms

Ever wonder what drives someone to try something new? Ask Al Raddock. Without giving away too much, one of Al’s drivers was… well, his driver. Now a partner at  Green Top Farms in Queens, NY, Al left a rapidly growing career in e-Commerce to pursue his interests in urban farming and found himself reaching out to someone he had met a year earlier, on his way to a trade show in Las Vegas. Everyone’s journey is unique and this is one you don’t want to miss. Now if you’ll excuse them, Josh and Briana have an Uber to catch.



Off and On… and Off Broadway, with Caleb Damschroder

Following a dream can sometimes mean leaving the comfort of a small town for the struggles of big city living. Caleb brings his Big Apple acting aspirations and his midwestern charm to Jobs Blow to discuss making the move from Fremont, Ohio – also Briana’s hometown – while sharing the highs and lows of an actor’s life with Josh. The multi-talented performer, who starred in Broadway’s Cabaret alongside Emma Stone, Michelle Williams, Sienna Miller and Alan Cummings, delivers a top-notch performance as a first-time guest on the show.  Plus he’s really easy on the eyes, - however since this is audio - you’ll have to take Josh’s word for it. 



It Pays To Be Naughty, with Vin Rock of Naughty By Nature

You Down with OPP? (Other People’s Podcasts) Well, it’s time to make the switch, because this week we’re talking to Vin Rock from the wildly successful 90’s hip hop group Naughty By Nature. So, what do you do after you achieve fame at 19, win the first-ever Grammy for Best Rap Album before you’re 30, and have your music Feel The Flow across music genres, charts, and  decades? Just keep giving your audience what they want! Tune in to get all the Naughty details with Briana and Josh, as Vin Rock spits the special formula, from touring with NKOTB to cross-merchandising to kicking that Uptown Anthem from coast to coast.



The Menu Has Changed, with Chef Matt Weingarten of Dig Inn

Briana reunites with college friend and accomplished restaurateur, Chef Matt Weingarten, for a tasty conversation about working the line through the culinary world. Having found a mentor early in his career, Matt attributes his rise through the NYC restaurant ranks to good leadership and keeping his head down. While they reflect on their time together at Ohio University, it was Matt’s match-making skills that gave Briana one of her best jokes during her days of stand up. Dig Inn if you want a fulfilling course of inspiration and entertainment.



You Will Never Own The Future If You Care What People Think, with Cindy Gallop of MakeLoveNotPorn

 If you don’t know who Cindy Gallop is, let Humor Resources Professionals Briana and Josh introduce you. She is the provocateur behind MakeLoveNotPorn, the world's first user-generated social sex video-sharing platform.  Cindy left a hugely successful career in advertising to create a community that celebrates #realworldsex by promoting good sexual values and behaviors. How did she do it? By not caring what other people think! Tune in as she talks about how "healthy sex" can positively impact businesses and the world, her record-breaking TED talk, and which hot, young Hollywood actor she "pines" for.



Don't Judge a Cook By His Culture, with Brian Goldberg, Founder of Mr. Bing

Stop us if you’ve heard this one: A Jewish guy launches a series of gourmet, Chinese-style crepe shops all over NYC... no?  Well he's the same guy who also started the Asian Studies Dept. at Brandeis University, trained to compete in the luge at the Olympics, was a journalist in Singapore, worked in finance in Hong Kong, and survived high school with Josh. There are so many more delicious bites in Brian's story of success, including constantly reinventing himself, you'll be hungry for more... and a Mr. Bing's jianbing too! 



A Career from Every Angle, with Susan Portnoy (

 When Susan decided to fully transition to a career in travel photography - after over two decades handling PR for some of the world’s top brands - it was because she refused to give into her fears any longer. With a resume that already included work in front of the camera, as well as work with photographers on PR campaigns, she was ready to fully embrace the newest angle – behind the camera. From walking with celebs down the red carpet to walking with polar bears in Manitoba, Susan’s journey is inspiring, if not somewhat terrifying.



Rhymes & Punishment, with Doug Ray (Toothpick)

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a lawyer by day and a rapper by night? Listen to this compelling interview to find out if it’s not a "bad rap." Doug Ray joins Briana and Josh to discuss the evolution of his music career; it’s intersection with his law life; and his collaboration with former members of LFO. Come for the stories, stay for the freestyle. 



Posed For A Callback, with Erin Fogel

 Actor. Wife. Realtor. Yogi. Mom. Erin. Fogel. She does it all, even as she continues to reach for that big break in her acting career. She and Josh discuss their career ups and downs and talk about what keeps them going when they feel like saying, “fuck it.” As any good Humor Resources Professional would do when being left out of a conversation, Briana pits their resumes against each other in a “NYC Actor Face Off.”



Where Do You Draw the Line, with Fashion Illustrator Brooke Hagel

Humor Resource Professionals Briana and Josh speak with Fashion Illustrator Brooke Hagel about what it took for her to make her dream job a reality. While her struggle was real, the duo takes it a step further to find out just how far she would have gone to achieve her success. Join us if you want to find out Brooke’s perspective on barnyard masturbation as a day job.



Who's The Boss Now? Guest: Monty Brown

 In their premiere podcast, Humor Resources Professionals Briana and Josh interview Monty Brown, the first boss to ever send Briana to the unemployment line. Now in a place of Zen after living abroad in India for nearly two decades, Monty is ready to share his spiritual approach to work and play. And while their relationship is definitely unique for an ex-boss and ex-employee, Briana doesn’t let Monty off the hook for some previous bad-boss behavior. Tune in if you’ve ever dreamt of turning the tables on a past employer. 

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