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Success in the Second Act, with Peter Marshark of Marshark Craft

Peter Marshark stops by the Jobs Blow Podcast to talk about facing down a  life-threatening addiction that could have left him in financial ruin  or worse... dead. Through sheer determination and with the support of  friends, today he is the owner of Marshark Craft,  a successful catering service for major film, fashion, and TV  productions. But before his success, he tells Briana and Josh how his  journey took him from the glamorous world of fashion photography and  partying at Studio 54 to being locked up in Riker's and homeless. And  that is only the beginning.  

Then Peter was such a popular guest, we had him back to share more of his stories from struggle to success.  See episode #39 for a super awesome Part 2!



Sign of the Times, with Sara Berliner of 'Vote Like a Mother'

For some, it’s a pursuit of a lifelong passion. For others, like Sara  Berliner, it can start as a spark… that ignites an idea… and then  becomes a purpose. Her spark came in the form of a sign she created for a  protest march that got unexpected reactions from strangers on the train  and street. On that day, her four simple words “Vote Like a Mother”  became a movement to provide parents with opportunities to contribute,  recognizing that we all have something to give -- be it time, money, or a  platform. As Sara says, “When I think about voting like a mother, I  think about improving our world locally, regionally, nationally, and  globally.”  



Laugh Before You Leap, with Comedians Sasha Srbulj, Dan Altano, and Eric Neumann

Stop us if you've heard this one before: Hot NYC Comedians Sasha Srbulj, Dan Altano, and Eric Neumann drop by the Jobs Blow Podcast to discuss  what it takes to pursue a life in comedy while working day jobs. They  tell Briana and Josh what it would take to finally embrace going for it  full-time and share the highs and lows of performing. Come for the  laughs, stay to find out which one of them used to perform in a rap  group that opened for a Sublime cover band!  Wha-what!!



Pouring Over a Script, with Bartender/Actor Darren Lipari

On November 22nd, the film 21 Bridges opens  nationwide and in Canada. The movie features Chadwick Boseman, Sienna  Miller, Taylor Kitsch, JK Simmons, and Darren Lipari. Don't know Darren  Lipari? We think you might know his badge. After years of playing TV  cops on shows like Law & Order, Mr. Robot, Girls, Blacklist, and Person of Interest,  Lipari is making a jump to the big screen to play Lt. Kelly in the  Brian Kirk-directed cop thriller.  He stops by Jobs Blow to discuss the  pros and cons of being typecast as a cop and spills on the status of  quitting his day job.  



A Brush With Fame, with Celebrity Makeup Artist Faye Lauren

Becoming  a celebrity makeup artist didn't happen overnight for Faye Lauren. In  fact, her original dream was to teach Kindergarten, but after working  with children, she decided to shift course. She tells Briana and Josh  that her path to grooming A-list talent hasn't always been glamorous -  she worked at Dunkin' Donuts and Chili's before making the move to her  grandmother's basement in Brooklyn so she could pursue being a makeup  artist full-time. While she did consider quitting, she credits her  perseverance for getting her where she is today... chatting with The  Fonz about leather and getting celebs camera ready at Comic Con. Come  for the celeb gossip, stay because Josh feels left out of the threesome. 



No Filter, No Answers, with Mike Rakosi, Commercial Real Estate Mogul and Comedian

When  the Jobs Blow Podcast needed a last minute guest, Mike Rakosi saved the  day. Rakosi raced from his Upper East Side apartment to the Comic Strip  Live to fill in for a last minute cancellation for his buddy Josh. A  successful commercial real estate mogul whose first client was Howard  Stern, he didn't hold back when sharing opinions on everything from  childhood acquaintance Donald Trump to Josh's hairy knuckles to losing  $65 Million. That's right - and he came back from it. Like most salesmen  - Rakosi delivers an earful, but we still aren't sure we got any real  answers.   



Bubbles Over Broadway, With Melody and Dani Yang of the Gazillion Bubble Show

Melody and Dani Yang are part of a bubble dynasty. The Gazillion Bubble Show siblings began performing in talent shows and circuses before most kids start school and have been touring the world entertaining crowds ever since. They tell Briana and Josh how their father got into the bubble business, share what it was like to grow up on the road with their parents, and talk about how difficult it is to keep their bubble recipe under wraps. Come for the fun, stay for the unsolved bubble solution heist.



Bitter Ending, Sweet New Beginning With Andrea Young of Sweet Vegan

After more then 30 years of hard work and loyalty, Andrea suddenly found herself laid off from her job at an interior architecture firm. Thankfully, she was already pursuing a side hustle in the food space, so she saw it as an opportunity to pursue a different dream. In 2016, she launched her vegan chocolate business, Sweet Vegan, and she recently stopped by Jobs Blow Podcast with some of her delicious truffles for Briana, Josh, and a surprise guest. Don’t miss this lay off story with a happy… new beginning.



A Career He Didn't Dream Of, with (2x) Tony Winner Michael Cerveris

 Twenty-five years after a chance encounter and photo at a holiday party, Briana and the six-time Tony nominee, two-time Tony winner reunite for a Jobs Blow interview. Now starring in Mindhunter (Season 2) on Netflix, Michael shares his incredible journey and reflects on how his many achievements – did we mention he has a Grammy too - have far surpassed anything he could have ever dreamed. Get to know the guy who once had aspirations of being a truck driver, but now has a place in the Marvel Universe. 



A League of His Own, with Rock Star History Teacher Joe Adragna

Joe knew from a young age that music was going to be a driving force in his life. Today, the self-taught musician lives near New Orleans where he teaches high school history while continuing to pursue his love of music with his band, The Junior League. In this week’s episode, Joe takes Briana and Josh on his journey from NYC to NOLA, talks about the recent launch of his seventh album, Adventureland, and wins the title of "Ultimate Beatles fan."



Dani Does… It All, with Adult Film MegaStar (and so much more) Dani Daniels

Debbie did Dallas, but Dani does so much more. The self-described workaholic lists Adult Film Star, Painter, Fashion line Creator, Blogger, and Amazon Prime Star among her current job titles. She talks to Jobs Blow about her career evolution while also giving Briana and Josh an education on what goes on behind the scenes of the adult film world. Cum for Dani, stay to get to know the artist known as Kira Lee.



Plan B/Producing a Nightmare, with Producer Stephanie Tobey of "Abducted in Plain Sight"

Stephanie Tobey moved to LA to pursue her dreams as an actor and, like many thespians, had to find other work to help pay her bills. It was while doing admin work for a Hollywood manager that she found the book that would inspire her to produce the much-talked about Netflix documentary, "Abducted in Plain Sight." Stephanie takes Briana and Josh on the journey that brought her to the emotionally draining project and reflects on how the story impacted her during the years of filming. Unfortunately, some dreams can be nightmares. 



A Job to Wine About, with Laura Giannatempo of ViaVai Travel

In this episode, Laura Giannatempo tells Briana and Josh about launching ViaVai Travel, her new agency that curates immersive, boutique travel experiences to some of best, and often unexpected, wine destinations in Italy. Born and raised in Piedmont, she says the idea was inspired by her love of wine and travel, as well as her knowledge of the lesser-known regions where she can share hidden gems. An “antidote to over-tourism,” Laura has already booked her first tour and has big plans for 2020. Settle in with a big glass of Barolo and follow Laura's journey from dancer to Founder of ViaVai Travel.



She Has Designs on Her Future, with Tracy and Arianna Deleu of Indigo Loves Violet

At just six years old, Kid-preneur Arianna Deleu is already pursuing her dream of becoming a celebrated fashion designer. Together with her mom Tracy, they launched Indigo Loves Violet, a clothing line that features creative designs by the talented (almost) first grader. Tracy tells us it’s been a year of hard work, some frustrations, and occasional second-guessing, but she wouldn’t trade it for the extra time they’ve had together. Meet the Creative (Arianna) and Founder (Tracy) behind this inspiring new line, and then be sure to visit their site at



Sometimes Broadway is Hell, with Actress Kay Trinidad of Hadestown

Jobs Blow is thrilled to have Actress Kay Trinidad join the show to discuss her career on the stage and her current role in the eight-time Tony Award-winning show Hadestown! She shares her journey, talks diversity in roles, and gives some behind-the-scenes scoop. Plus, Jack comes in as Josh’s understudy, while Briana takes the lead in this production.  Be sure to check it out and make sure you see Hadestown when in NYC!



Work is a Drag, with Jason “Jayla D Foxx” Eberle of FlamBOYance

This episode of Jobs Blow is an education in Drag entertainment, courtesy of Queen Jayla D. Foxx. Jayla is the fabulous stage alter ego of Jason Eberle, who has been performing for 25 years. He discusses self-discovery, doing what he loves, and even dispenses wisdom on the best “tuck techniques.” In a shocking twist - and no that isn’t the name of the tuck - Jason shares his five-year vision which involves working with an entirely different kind of cock(pit). Check out this episode and then be sure to listen to Jayla on her podcast, “Beauty and the Shrink.” 



Jobs That Didn't Blow

Because not all jobs blow, Briana and Josh share memories of some great job experiences and coworkers. It is also revealed that Josh has an obsession with delis - and not just for the sandwiches. 



You Don't Know Him From Adam, with Filmmaker David Seth Cohen

Most people have a “what if” story – especially when pursuing a dream job. In David’s case - he decided to make a movie about his questionable life choice. Over two decades ago, as a young man working on a film set, David says he passed up a drink with actor and comedian, Adam Sandler, because it was the responsible thing to do. Not long after, regret began plaguing his thoughts and dreams, so he decided to do something about it. With Finding Sandler, a 13-year passion project, the filmmaker attempts to get his drink with Sandler and finally answer "what if?" Make a smart life decision today and listen to "You Don't Know Him From Adam," episode 19 on Jobs Blow with Briana and Josh.

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