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A Solid Conviction, with Aida Leisenring, PARTNER AT BARKET EPSTEIN, LLP

Aida Leisenring stopped by the Jobs Blow Podcast, fresh from her  appearance on ABC News where she offered commentary on the Harvey  Weinstein case. A Criminal Defense & Civil Rights Litigation Lawyer,  she tells Briana and Josh how she started her career path in fashion  publishing, only to then decide to go to Law School. Good decision?  She's now a partner at Barket Epstein and, in 2018, produced the ABC  documentary series, The Last Defense, which exposes flaws in  the American justice system through emotional, in-depth examinations of  the death row cases of Darlie Routier and Julius Jones.  



Dye Job, with Master Colorist Rick Wellman of Marc Harris Salon

According to Master Colorist Rick Wellman, all it took was helping his  stepmom through a really bad perm experience and, he says, he knew at  just age 12 what he was meant to do. However, growing up in Ohio, he had  no idea where a career as a hairstylist would take him. He tells Briana  and Josh about his journey that started in Canton, took him to  Columbus, and finally landed him in New York City, where he has  established himself as a successful and highly sought-after Master  Colorist. Make an appt. to get Rick's story and stay for some fun  (celeb) gossip. 



White House Dish, with Commander in Chef John Moeller

Former White House Chef John Moeller joins the Jobs Blow Podcast to tell  Briana and Josh what it was like to be "the last guy to touch the food  before the President ate it." Having served on Pennsylvania Avenue from  1992 - 2005 under Presidents George H Bush, Bill Clinton and George W  Bush, he has plenty of stories and insights to share. From the infamous  pretzel choking incident to background checks and being on the White  House grounds on 9/11, this dish is more like a four-course meal. Be  sure to check out his book, "Dining at the White House" for even more  scoop and recipes. 



Fanning Their Fame, with Timothy McQuaid of FAN ASYLUM

Timothy McQuaid stops by the Jobs Blow Podcast to discuss his journey  into the world of running celebrity fan clubs beginning with his first  client - and the world's biggest band at the time - Journey. From there  he was managing exclusive concert tickets and organizing VIP tours for  top performers of the 80s/90s/00s including Bon Jovi, Motley Crue,  Whitney Houston, Will Smith, Skid Row, Aerosmith, Mariah Carey, Britney,  N'Sync and so many more. You don't want to miss his "Job That Blew"  because Tim brought plenty of tea to spill! 



Rock'n scOUT in the Rockaways, with Owner/Founder Claudia Bloom of Rock Locations

Claudia Bloom visits Jobs Blow Podcast to tell Briana and Josh how  discovering a love for living on the beach in The Rockaways (Queens, NY)  led her to recognizing an opportunity to set up a business there. After  years in acting (90210!) and publishing, she was ready for a different  adventure and quickly realized that her new home was a prime spot for  NYC film and production crews looking for locations to shoot. That's  when she launched her company Rock Locations. And if you think that's  gutsy - wait till you hear how she trusted Josh to teach her son math. 



It's in Her Blood, with Storyteller Shannon Denise Evans of Spectra Rock Band SAVARRE

We cannot write a description that will do this episode justice because  no one can tell Shannon Denise Evans' story quite as well as she can.  Whether through the lyrics in her music or written words in her novels,  the multi-talented storyteller took what was once a painful past and  turned it into a promising future by sharing it with the world. Shannon  joins Briana and Josh in studio to discuss how a Port-wine stain on her  face overtook her identity as a child and how she learned to wear it as a  badge of courage... until it became medically necessary to have it  removed.   



Another Stage in Her Career, with Broadway Producer Jayna Neagle

Briana reconnects with one of her first NYC friends when Broadway  Producer Jayna Neagle stops by the show to discuss her latest project,  "Cirque du Soleil: 'Twas the Night Before." Jayna also talks about what  it was like to go back to school at age 34 to pursue her dream of  working on Broadway and what it felt like to intern again after being a  successful business woman. Her biggest challenge came, however, when she  got her first production and had to leave her newborn twins to go to  Las Vegas. Get to know this badass dreamer in the latest episode of Jobs  Blow. 



Taylor-Made for Success, with Singer, Songwriter, and Actress Taylor Dayne

Music Icon Taylor Dayne visits the Jobs Blow Podcast for the Season 2  Premiere show! Whether you know the dynamic performer because her music  is the soundtrack to your high school career or because you've enjoyed  the Tig Notaro story about meeting her - you do not want to miss this  episode. In addition to singing her classic, "I'll Be Your Shelter" with  her "Daynettes," she helps Briana and Josh re-name some of her classics,  including "Tell it to My Heart" and "Love Will Lead You Back."  



Always Improve’ising, with Rising Sketch-Provisers/Actors Stephanie LeHane and Keith Saltojanes

Stephanie LeHane and Keith Saltojanes (now pronounced "Salto-Gianis", per Josh) stop by the Jobs Blow Podcast to  talk about their limited run in "With a little Help... It's John  Belushi." In the show, Stephanie embodies the phenomenal Gilda Radner  while Keith goes all in as the multi-talented Dan Aykroyd. The show,  which premiered in LA to rave reviews, is currently running in NYC  through 12/22. Catch the latest episode to find out which one has a  Guinness World Record and which one started out in gay porn.  



Food From Thought, with Jeremiah Kreisberg of Slow Up

 Jeremiah Kreisberg and his business partner Leland Whitehouse believe  that people should have access to good food more often. It was that  belief that inspired them to launch Slow Up, where they make  whole food bars that are prepared with the same craft and thoughtfulness  they look for in their meals. They say they are meant to be savored,  even when you’re doing a million other things. Jeremiah also tells  Briana and Josh about his time at Yale, his Professional basketball  career in Israel, and what the world looks like when you are 6'10.  



(PART 2) Success in the Second Act, with Peter Marshark of Marshark Craft

PART 2 of our interview with Peter Marshark. He was such a popular guest on episode #36, we had him back to share more of his stories from struggle to success.  Listen to both episodes for his full story.

Peter Marshark stops by the Jobs Blow Podcast to talk about facing down a  life-threatening addiction that could have left him in financial ruin  or worse... dead. Through sheer determination and with the support of  friends, today he is the owner of Marshark Craft,  a successful catering service for major film, fashion, and TV  productions. But before his success, he tells Briana and Josh how his  journey took him from the glamorous world of fashion photography and  partying at Studio 54 to being locked up in Riker's and homeless. And  that is only the beginning.     




Better Call Him Saul-Man, with Actor-Comedian-Writer-Producer Jason Salmon

Actor-Comedian-Writer-Producer Jason Salmon - pronounced Saulman -  joins Jobs Blow to discuss the pronunciation of his family name and then  takes us along on his journey from his life as a cowboy in Texas to his  life as a cowboy in NYC. Since arriving and ditching his day job, Jason  has appeared in everything from Budweiser and Verizon commercials to  "Orange is the New Black" and "30 Rock" to his Comedy Central Youtube  series, "A Cowboy Explains." Plus, he has a podcast - Jason's Failed  Podcast - which he also tapes at the Comic Strip Live.



With A Little Help From His Friends, with actor Jack Zullo ("With A Little Help...It's John Belushi!

From being party to the biggest party-fraternity at the University of Buffalo (ΣAM),  to forging his way through the brutal landscape of Hollywood,  actor/producer/writer Jack Zullo is always going at high ‘Octane’  speeds. UB is where he met Josh, providing Jack big belly laughs, and  ever since Jack has provided Josh great perspective on the grueling  acting industry. Now Jack is back home in New York getting ready to  launch his Off-Broadway, live, tribute-show to comedy legend John  Belushi, premiering at St. Marks’ Theater 80 this December 2019. He’s  researched, he’s written and now Jack will once again embody the  legendary tour-de-force comedian that was Belushi (aka John “Bluto”  Blutarsky, aka the Samurai Futaba, aka Jake Blues). And to such rave  reviews in LA that even John’s brother James (Jim) snuck into a show and  was blown away. Get ready NYC! “With a Little Help…It’s John Belushi”  is about to be something that this Brother Blues you away with, too!
*("Everybody,  Needs Somebody To Love..." so if you only love Briana, don't be mad  that she couldn't make the record session for this episode. It's still a  good one!)