"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."

                                            C.S. Lewis


Listen to our Theme Song: "I Quit" By Doug Ray

Episode 4 Guest, Rapper/Lawyer Doug Ray, gifted us his song "I Quit" off his latest album "Night Shift" so we could have some theme music. Now we look cool. Thanks Doug Ray!

About Us


Jobs Blow with Briana and Josh  sounds pornographic, but like many job descriptions, isn’t what it seems.   

The podcast, recorded weekly at the World Famous Comic Strip Live comedy club on Manhattan's Upper East Side, was born out of the frustrations of being laid off and restless, but was created to bring people together to support one another in a quest for something better. Everyone has their own unique story and we’ll speak to individuals at different points in their journey. From professionals who love their day jobs to dreamers paying their dues to reach a lifelong ambition - come to commiserate and stay to be entertained or inspired. Of course, no conversation would be complete without some tea spilt about crazy on-the-job experiences.  (photo with (2x) Tony Award-Winning Actor Michael Cerveris and Editor Extraordinaire Jack Brickner)

Perspective & Experience


With over two decades in public relations, events, media, and public relations (again), Briana is still trying to figure things out. While she is doing that, this podcast is an opportunity for her to realize her dream of being in broadcast - but without the sexual harassers and with no budget for big payouts. 

Humor & Inspiration


Josh has been living his dream of being a working actor/comedian for nearly twenty years and there isn't a chance of him slowing down anytime soon. He jumped at the chance to do this podcast because, well, he didn't have anything else going on. That's not true. Josh is currently appearing in the Off-Broadway smash hit and New York Times Critic's Pick production of Drunk Shakespeare.

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Don't make us ask twice! Whether it's an inspirational story, some workplace wackiness, or questions we may be able to answer - we'd love to hear from you and possibly have you on the show! 

Jobs Blow with Briana and Josh